Markets economic impact study

There is a growing perception that markets (and more of them) are good for Torquay. Anecdotal evidence from TCT members indicates this may not be true. Members are saying that on market days, trading revenues are down. Lower revenues lead to lower economic benefits (wealth and jobs) being generated in Torquay.

Data communications

Data communications infrastructure in ‘old Torquay’ is a copper wire-based one, originally designed for tele-communications services but now overlayed with broadband (and dial-up to a lesser extent). Data collected from TCT members indicates broadband services experience high levels of instability, downtime and transmission speed degradation during peak load periods (such as Christmas/New year, Easter and long weekends).

Membership Drive

There are membership issues which are detrimental to our effectiveness as an organisation. Key issues are:

The membership database is incomplete

We do not know what our members want from TCT

We struggle for resources to do the things we want to do

Energy costs

Energy costs are increasing at significantly higher rates than CPI, in some cases by 70%. The cost impact and hence cash flow on SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) is severe.

Tourist Coach Buses Parking




We require innovative solutions for improving coach bus parking in Torquay. Tourist coaches are by-passing Torquay on their journeys down the Great Ocean Road. The Start of the Great Ocean Road is at Torquay and tourists by-passing the town is a significant negative impact on business revenues.

Planning Scheme Amendment C66





There is a significant amount of work we are undertaking to ensure town planning under the C66 Regional Plan truly reflects the aspirations of the Torquay community.

Town for Tomorrow




Torquay Town for Tomorrow is the creation of a special and vibrant town, which is attractive to visitors, creates local jobs and inceases economic value. Most importantly Torquay is a vibrant community for our children and grandchildren.


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